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Royal International Air Tattoo


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Date 24th - 25th July 1999
Weather I attended on the Friday before the show and the Monday afterwards. Both days were bright and ideal for photography.
Positive Points Usual RIAT attractions and organisation, the best and biggest shows anywhere, perhaps even too big - see below. Attendance on the rehearsal/arrival and departure days is much more relaxed than the show days and the organisers should be congratulated for offering this.
Negative Points I didn't attend on the show days as they are now too commercialised and it's not worth putting up with the long traffic queues.
Highlights B-2A Spirit, F-117A Nighthawk, Canberra B2, F-8P Crusader, F-104S/ASA Starfighter.
Other comment Back to its best after a slightly below par event in 1998.

B-2A Spirit

The magnificent sight of the 'Stealth Bomber' arriving at RIAT '99.

F-8P Crusader

Shows just don't get any better than this, the chance to photograph in perfect conditions, one of the few remaining F-8 Crusaders anywhere. Well done to the organisers of RIAT '99 and the French Navy for allowing enthusiasts one last look at this marvelous 'gunfighter' just months before the final retirement of the type.

TA-7C Corsair II

A 'star' arrival on the Friday before the show and from the same stable as the Crusader was this Vought TA-7C Corsair II of the Greek Air Force. The RIAT always attracts rare birds such as this.

A-10A Thunderbolt II

The Corsair was one of the types replaced by this aircraft, the Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II often known as the 'Warthog' due to its ungainly appearance. It's a highly effective weapon system also referred to as 'The Tankbuster' and proved itself during the Gulf War. This example from the 52nd Fighter Wing USAFE is seen departing Fairford after the show.

F-104S Starfighter

Miss this shot if you dare! An unusual departure from Fairford was made by this F-104S/ASA Starfighter of the Italian Air Force, as it vents fuel from its drop tanks.


A nice top side shot of a departing German Air Force Tornado in full afterburner.

F-4E Phantom

An old favourite and good to see an example from a different air arm, an F-4E Phantom of the Turkish Air Force departs Fairford having been part of the huge static display.

JA-37 Viggen

More 'hot metal', this time a pair of SAAB JA-37 Viggen's of the Swedish Air Force.