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Airbourne '99


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Date August 1999
Weather Hazy sunshine.
Positive Points Foreign participation included for the first time. A good venue and it's free.
Negative Points Very long gaps between display items.
Highlights Belgian Air Force F-16A, Dutch Navy SH-14D Lynx, RAF Harrier GR7, Jaguar GR3 and Tornado GR1 plus the Red Arrows.
Other comment At least being on the beach, there's other things to look at when there's nothing flying!!

Harrier displays are always impressive but when given over the sea they seem closer to the crowd than at airfields. Certainly people on the beach got a good soaking from the spray blasted up from the sea by this Harrier GR7 of 20(R) Squadron.

The Royal Netherlands Navy gave a 'live' air sea rescue demonstration. I had this photo published in the November 1999 issue of Aircraft Illustrated.