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RAF Coltishall

Photocall 2000

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Date 30th June 2000
Weather Warm and dry but overcast.
Positive Points A relaxed and friendly atmosphere with the base operating 'as normal' allowing viewing of the usual activity surrounding the home based Jaguars.
Negative Points Perhaps not as many participants as expected.
Highlights Polish Air Force contingent, Italian Starfighter's, German Phantom's and a USAFE F-15E Strike Eagle which performed a number of spectacular 'overshoots' on arrival.
Other comment This type of small photoshoot is gradually starting to take over from full airshows at military bases.

Sukhoi SU-22

This is what the punters turned up to see, the Polish Air Force SU-22 Fitter's on an exchange visit to Coltishall.

Polish Contingent

A view of two SU-22s together with their Antonov AN-26 support aircraft.

Sukhoi SU-22

The SU-22 dates back to the same era as the RAFs Lightning's which of course sadly departed from service in 1988. One wonders how long this 'geriatric jet' will continue to soldier on?

Sukhoi SU-22

The two-seater didn't look any less scruffy but it was still nice to see these wonderful old jets and be able to photograph them so close.


The Phantom looks positively young when compared with the SU-22 Fitter, even though it's in the twilight of its own service career. One advantage of a show like this is the opportunity to view aircraft at such close quarters. This shot of a German F-4F was taken from just a few feet away as it taxied in after arriving in impressive style, performing a number of ear-splitting 'overshoots'.


A member of the 'home team' a 41(F) Squadron Jaguar taxies past at the start of a sortie. It was good to be able to witness the operational side of the base.


Around lunchtime, a couple of Italian Air Force Starfighter's arrived for the event, performing an immaculate paired landing. Allowing for their age, both examples were in surprisingly good condition and 'showed up' both the Polish SU-22s and the RAF Jaguar's.