Classic Airshow Performers

British Aerospace Buccaneer

A Buccaneer S2B still wearing its 'Desert Pink' camouflage and markings applied during the Gulf War, is seen during take off at the 1991 USAFE 'Open House' at RAF Upper Heyford. Keeping the aircraft low until reaching the runway threshold was a typical feature of the Buccaneer display routine.

This view of an S2B in standard camouflage at the 1990 RAF Manston show clearly details the unique rear fuselage air brake used by the Buccaneer.

The carrier origins of the Buccaneer design are clearly evident in this view taken at RAF Manston in 1990. Both new build and ex-Royal Navy machines operated with the RAF after the final withdrawal of HMS Ark Royal in 1978.

Two Buccaneer S2Bs take off during the 1991 USAFE 'Open House' at RAF Lakenheath.

IAT '94

A 'test' Buccaneer from the A&AEE at Boscombe Down arrives at the 1994 International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.